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Whole Health Way

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing our customers around the world with our WholeHealth®Premium Nutritional Supplements--superior quality natural health products at unmatched values. We source only the finest ingredients and we never compromise on quality when searching for the best value. We continue to add top-quality products to our offerings based on reviews of leading science.

Whole Health Products has been "The Trusted Name in Natural Health Products"™ since early 1997 when we opened our "virtual doors" via the Internet. Whole Health continues to grow today, approaching 20 years, thanks to our many loyal customers who not only keep coming back, but also encourage their family and friends to try our products. We thank you for your continued patronage!

We only conduct business in a responsible manner, both in terms of providing customers with a superior product for the greatest value, and in terms of more general ethical principles.

You are reading this site right now because you are looking for a natural health product. Wouldn't it be awful to learn that the product you were about to buy was manufactured using harmful solvents and chemicals? Or, that to reduce costs, it was compressed into an indigestible tablet that may pass right through you undigested and unabsorbed? That's why all of our products are all-natural, with no artificial fillers or added chemicals. All of our products are manufactured in the United States under the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices. Everything we sell is manufactured to the highest standards, and we perform lab-assays to ensure quality and potency.

WholeHealth's Environmental Initiatives

Whole Health is dedicated to helping protect the environment and has become an industry leader in reducing our environmental impact.

In addition to our overall commitment to be a good corporate citizen, our employees are healthy, active people who spend a great deal of time enjoying the Colorado outdoors. These outdoor pursuits are a constant reminder of the importance of doing what we can to protect our natural resources and environment. Our "green" programs are not only strict policy statements, they are initiatives that our employees actively embrace.

Green Energy and Smart Energy Use:

Our offices and warehouse are powered by rooftop solar panels. Given the amount of sunshine enjoyed by Colorado, rooftop solar is an excellent way for us to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption of fossil fuels. Instead of generating heat, our roof now generates electricity.

But, smart energy starts with conservation, which is why we only purchase Energy-Star rated computer equipment, use energy efficient lighting, and employ programmable thermostats throughout our facility.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

At WholeHealth, we embrace these principals not only because it is important to our customers, but because it is important to us personally. We look at our ingredients, our bottles, our shipping materials, our source of electricity, our office supplies, our computer equipment, our energy use and our waste stream. From start-to-finish, we are constantly re-evaluating how we can do more to use less. We are quite proud of our efforts, and their positive impact, as you can probably tell if you have read this far!

The Trusted Name in Natural Health Products