Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? As Christmas gets closer, you may be starting to panic. But don’t worry, we have done all the work for you!

Here are 25 gift ideas that will be perfect for your active friends and family members or those who want to be active but don’t know where to start.

Holiday Gift Guide

Gym or Workout Classes Membership: Do you know someone looking to shed a few extra pounds? Getting them a membership to the gym or classes or pass would love (yoga, crossfit, or cycling) may be what they need to get started on their New Year’s Resolution.

Home Fitness Equipment: You can also skip the gym memberships and buy equipment for someone who prefers to workout at home. Choose from free weights, treadmills, fully equipped machines, or a stationary bike. Whatever gets them moving!

Workout Clothes: Your friends and family can’t go to the gym without looking the part! Upgrade their workout wardrobe with new sneakers, sports bras, joggings, and even a gym bag. That way they can not only look stylish but be comfortable as well.

Quality Headphones: A good pair of headphones and your favorite music is the perfect combination to make running more fun or pushing through those intense workouts.

Yoga Pad or Foam Roller: These gifts are perfect for anyone who loves to stretch or who has aches/pains due to not stretching. Choose one that is lightweight so they can take it anywhere with them!

Adventurous Weekend Getaways: Instead of spending a weekend drinking and eating away, take your partner on an adventure filled with activities like skiing, rock climbing or hiking.

Skin Care Products: With all the body scrubs, face masks, and moisturizers, it may be difficult to figure out which one you should send as a gift. Make it easy and create a skin care gift basket for anyone looking for glowing and silky smooth skin.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: Everyone loves things that smell good which is why you can’t go wrong with essential oils and diffusers. Take the hassle out of gift giving and help someone you love transform any room in their home or office into a peaceful sanctuary!

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Spa Passes: Everyone deserves a good me day! Book a message or facial for your friend that may seem a little stressed. Or schedule a couple’s massage for you and yours.

Food Delivery Subscriptions: With no meal planning or grocery shopping required, deliver sustainable and unprocessed ingredients to your loved one’s door for quick and healthy meals. Most services offer one-time or subscription options.

Healthy Cookbook: Do you know someone who wants to cook healthy but doesn’t know where to started? Get them a everyday cook book filled with healthy recipes and ingredients or ones that can meet their specific dietary needs.

Instant Pot: With the ability to do the job of seven different appliances, this is a must have kitchen appliance for anyone looking to cook quick and healthy meals. Easily steam vegetables, cook grains, or even use as a slow cooker.

Personal Blenders: These are perfect for any smoothie lover! Just add your favorite healthy ingredients and blend them in seconds, with little to no cleanup. For an extra bonus, choose a personal blender that also doubles as a to-go bottle.

Infusion Water Bottle: Encourage your family to friends to stay hydrated with personal water bottles that infuses the flavors and health benefits of their favorite fresh vegetables and fruits.

Organic Teas: This stocking stuffer is perfect for any tea lover. Choose a variety pack for anyone wanting an assortment of benefits such relaxing at night or as a caffeine pick me up in the morning.

Vitamin & Supplement Subscription: We couldn’t talk about gifts that improve health and wellness without mentioning vitamins and supplements. We may be biased but everyone is looking for areas to improve their health and with our wide variety of supplements, you can help them reach their health goals!

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Detox Kit: We know that the holidays tend to lead to overdrinking and overeating. There is no better time to help someone detox all those toxins with a detox and cleanse care package.

Smart Watch: Besides being able to see your text messages on your wrist, smart watches provide multiple health benefits like tracking your sleep patterns, heart rate, and number of calories burned that day.

Red Light Therapy Machine: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) isn’t a myth and the lack of sunlight can be affecting someone you love. With 20 to 60 minutes a day, this health promoting machine can bring some light into their lives!

Self-Development Books or Personal Journal: Whether you know people trying to improve on certain aspects of their life or just wanting to practicing daily gratitude, give the gift of self-improvement this year with inspiring books and journals.

Meditation Subscription: Everything is an app these days, even the best mediation practices. Buy your friend or family member a subscription to one of the most popular mediation apps so they can bring peace and tranquility into their life.

New Mattress: A good night sleep can do a world of good for your health. So upgrade your mattress for improved energy levels, healthy weight management, and better mood the next day.

Weighted Blankets: If you ask anyone who has used a weight blanket, they will tell you it feels like a big, warm hug. Not to mention it may have health benefits such as reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and alleviating restless leg syndrome.

Donation to Charity: Donating to a health-related organization (or any charity) your friend cares about it a great way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive this year.

Cleaning Services: Whether daily chores are just too stressful or the house needs a deep cleaning, a monthly cleaning service will help remove bacteria and dust this winter.

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