The Science of Weight Loss

Learn how Calcium Pyruvate could help you!


Calcium Pyruvate is a naturally-occurring compound that can be readily found in cheese, apples, dark beer and red wine, though the concentration of Calcium Pyruvate that can be found in these foods is nowhere near the levels available in Whole Health’s Calcium Pyruvate supplement.


Calcium Pyruvate has often been regarded as a very promising and popular supplement for those looking to optimize their weight loss efforts. The secret to Calcium Pyruvate’s effectiveness lies in the effects that it has upon the body – as a critical component of the body’s Kreb’s cycle, Calcium Pyruvate is an essential catalyst in the creation of energy during workouts. That increased energy can be directed towards increasing the effectiveness of your workouts!


Several studies have been performed to measure the effectiveness of Calcium Pyruvate – one of which performed at the University of Pittsburgh in fact confirmed that Calcium Pyruvate does have an increased fat burning effect at a rate of 48% greater effectiveness over the control group. This isn’t a supplement for those people who want to just take a pill without exercising and hope to see the pounds melt away, but if you’re someone who exercises often and is looking to giving the effects of your workouts an added boost, Whole Health’s Calcium Pyruvate may be just the supplement you’ve been looking for!