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Complete Milk Thistle Extract 80% Silymarin (120 Capsules)

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Complete Milk Thistle Extract 80% Silymarin (120 Capsules)

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Milk Thistle Extract is the gold standard for herbal support of liver function and detoxification – it’s been used for centuries to help rejuvenate liver cells and support healthy liver function, so you can trust in its safety and effectiveness!

What is in Milk Thistle Extract?

Our Complete Milk Thistle Extract contains a premium-quality extract standardized to 80% silymarin (the extract from the seeds) and is combined with 200mg of ground Milk Thistle seed per vegetarian capsule.

Health Benefits of Complete Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle has been used for over 2,000 years to support liver and gall bladder health, boost liver detoxification and has no known side effects. Valued by Western European cultures like the ancient Romans and Saxons, Milk Thistle has always been an especially treasured tool of healers when trying to support the liver’s own natural detoxification and regeneration processes.

Why Our Milk Thistle Extract is a Good Value

There are literally hundreds of different Milk Thistle products available on the market today – as you might expect the quality of these products can vary dramatically. Fortunately, Whole Health always uses the best sources we can acquire, so you can be confident that our 120 Capsule Complete Milk Thistle Extract contains:

  • Fresh, potent, standardized extract plus 200mg per capsule of micro-ground Milk Thistle seed.
  • Laboratory tested to contain 80% Silymarin
  • All capsules are 100% Vegetarian

  • Remember, if a supplier does not list the concentration of their product, there is no way to know how much vital, medicinally-active Silymarin that product really contains! When you purchase Milk Thistle Extract from Whole Health, you can be sure you're getting a consistent and fresh product in a 100% vegetarian capsule, every time!

    Supplement Facts
    Label Facts
    Health Notes

    Milk ThistleFind Products

    Also indexed as:Carduus marianus, Silybum marianum
    Milk Thistle: Main Image© Steven Foster
    Botanical names:
    Carduus marianus, Silybum marianum

    Parts Used & Where Grown

    Milk thistle is commonly found growing wild in a variety of settings, including roadsides. The dried fruit (also called achenes) are used to produce modern herbal extracts.

    • Reliable and relatively consistent scientific data showing a substantial health benefit.
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    This supplement has been used in connection with the following health conditions:

    Used for AmountWhy
    Liver Support
    420 to 600 mg of silymarin daily3 stars[3 stars]
    Though not a treatment for withdrawl symptoms, milk thistle extract is commonly recommended to counteract the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver, as this herb speeds the regeneration of injured liver cells.
    420 mg of silymarin daily2 stars[2 stars]
    Supplementing with milk thistle may support the liver.
    Liver Cirrhosis
    420 mg of silymarin daily2 stars[2 stars]
    Supplementing with milk thistle may protect liver cells and improve function.
    Type 2 Diabetes
    200 mg per day of silymarin 2 stars[2 stars]
    Supplementing with silymarin (a component of milk thistle) may help lower blood sugar levels.
    Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
    Milk thistle extracts in capsules or tablets may be beneficial in preventing gallstones.

    Traditional Use (May Not Be Supported by Scientific Studies)

    Medical use of milk thistle can be traced back more than 2,000 years. Nicholas Culpeper, the well-known 17th-century pharmacist, cited its use for opening “obstructions” of the liver and spleen and recommended it for the treatment of jaundice.

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