CoQ10 & Vitamin E – A Power Packed Team for Heart Health!


Many of the most premier CoQ10 products on the market add Vitamin E into their formulations, but have you ever wondered why?


Recent research has shown that when mixed together, CoQ10 and Vitamin E work amazingly with one another, making their whole even better for the body than each nutrient would be by itself. Vitamin E has been identified in research as a nutrient that can positively impact LDL cholesterol levels (that’s the bad kind – the kind you don’t want!), and the Heart Research Institute in Australia has found that when combined with CoQ10, Vitamin E becomes even MORE aggressive towards LDL cholesterol than it is on its own!


That’s exactly why a formulation like Whole Health’s 200mg CoQ10 with Vitamin E can be of such great value to our customers. Not only do you get all of the natural antioxidants and cardiovascular support that you’d expect from CoQ10 on its own, but you also get the supercharged power of Vitamin E to help you reach your heart health goals!