Beneficial Bacteria?

For decades, it seems like we’ve been spending a lot of time and energy trying to get rid of all the harmful bacteria that we encounter in the world. Especially when it comes to soaps and household cleaners we usually think of antibacterial as a good thing, so why are probiotics – which try to put MORE bacteria in your body – suddenly becoming so incredibly popular?


The secret lies in the ever-expanding knowledge of the way the body really works that’s coming from the scientific community. In recent years, we’ve learned an incredible amount about the importance of the “microbiome” that exists in everyone’s digestive tract and is made up of trillions upon trillions of both helpful and harmful bacteria. The health and constitution of these microbiomes can vary immensely from one person to the next, and those variances have a huge impact on the way those people look externally and feel on the inside. Simply put, even if you have the genes to be the world’s greatest bodybuilder, if your microbiome is severely damaged, you are not going to feel healthy, and the likelihood is you’re not going to look very healthy either – we NEED our healthy bacteria to feel good ourselves!


This is why probiotic supplementation has become so popular. Most of the fermented foods that people ate for centuries (like real sauerkraut) and would provide natural probiotic support have been removed from our diets, but we still need those beneficial bacteria to keep us healthy! Fortunately, products like our ExtraFlora 50 Billion CFU can provide our bodies with that support that they crave, and it’s a whole lot easier to swallow than a full jar of sauerkraut!