Whole Health Grape Seed Extract – 120 Reasons to Trust Its Potency!


What does a 120:1 Grape Seed Extract really mean?  Quality!


In the world of supplements, ratios are used to show the level of concentration that an extract has.  So, in the case of a 30:1 Grape Seed Extract (as you may find in products elsewhere) you would know that it took 30 grape seeds to make just 1 milligram of extract, which is honestly not a low concentration!


But at Whole Health, we wanted the most concentrated extract we could find for our OPC Grape Seed Extract, so we didn’t use a 30:1 ratio, or even a 60:1 or 90:1 ratio, we used 120:1 ratio! That means it literally takes 120 raw, naturally-processed grape seeds to make just 1 milligram of our Grape Seed Extract!  That is a truly powerful concentration – the highest in the supplement industry - so you can trust that the antioxidants found in our OPC Grape Seed Extract are the strongest you’re likely to find anywhere!

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