It’s Not Just in Your Head!

Learn where Serotonin Lives in the Body, and why 5-HTP can be Effective!

You may know Serotonin as being a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter, which would make you think that all of it lives in your brain. But did you know that most of the Serotonin in your body is actually located in the digestive tract? It’s true!


Over 90% of the Serotonin in the human body is located in the intestines, where it’s used to help move the digestive process along. This may be part of the reason why Serotonin-affecting supplements like 5-HTP have been shown to have such an effect on increasing a feeling of satiety in the body!


The other 10 percent of the Serotonin in the body is found within the Central Nervous System, including the brain, where it plays an essential role in regulating mood and patterns of sleep, and also may play some role in memory and other thought processes. With so many important functions in the body, supporting Serotonin production in a manner that’s effective for you is always advisable! Exercise, diet, and reducing stress are key, but some have found that including 5-HTP as part of their dietary supplement support makes a big difference in the way they feel!