The Secret is in the B-12


Learn how HisHealth™ provides Power-Packed Energy Support!


We get a lot of great feedback from customers about our HisHealth™ multivitamin formulation for a lot of reasons, but one thing we hear the most is that people love how much of a boost to their energy this formulation supplies. So what’s the secret? How does HisHealth™ achieve such great results?


The truth is, it’s not any one thing – our blend of herbs, antioxidants, and amino acids certainly doesn’t hurt – but the biggest contributor may come from the B-12.


If you’re a multivitamin user but you’ve never tried HisHealth™ before, take your old multi and look at the Vitamin B-12. As we all know, Vitamin B-12 is the most essential single vitamin for maintaining energy levels and increasing mental acuity, but If you’re using a multi that falls in line with almost every multivitamin on the market, you’ll see a long, strange word next to that vitamin: Cyanocobalamin. Now look at the label on our HisHealth™ multi – our B-12 says Methylcobalamin. But what’s the difference? Why does this matter?


Cyanocobalamin is the most common form of B-12 – it’s less expensive, because it’s the inactive form of the vitamin. This means that when you take that vitamin, your body has to take the Cyanocobalamin and put it through a methylation process to turn it into an active form of the vitamin that your body can actually use. But Methylcobalamin (often called Methyl B-12) is different. It’s pre-methylated, so it’s ready to be utilized by your body immediately! That means higher absorption, and stronger effects – both outcomes you definitely want from your B-12.


Methyl B-12 is a lot more expensive than Cyanocobalamin, which is why so few products use it. But with our HisHealth™ formulation, we wanted to make a truly superior product that would provide truly superior results, so we weren’t willing to cut corners. That’s just one of the many reasons why you can trust our quality!