A Treasured Herb of the Pacific


Though it has only recently become popular as a supplement, the benefits of Kava Kava have been enjoyed and revered by native Pacific Island cultures (like those found on Fiji, Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Polynesia) for over 3,000 years! Over this time, Kava Kava has played both important social, medicinal, and ceremonial roles, which is why the plant is so revered within their cultures, even to this day!


In the world of Western herbs and supplements, Kava Kava has developed a new devoted following, from those who want an all-natural, effective means to balance their body’s response to stressful situations and improve mood, mental acuity, and their general feeling of well-being. Far from its ceremonial past, which required a brewing practice that took hours to complete, our carefully-sourced Kava Kava extract comes in convenient capsules, with a concentrated extract of the beneficial Kavalactones inside. This gives you a more targeted dosage of the medicinal values you want, in a dosage that’s easy to fit into your daily schedule!