The LeptiFit Difference

In the case of a lot of supplements, there’s not that much difference from one product to the next. But when it comes to Leptin, there’s the trademarked and patented LeptiCore formulation – the form we use in our LeptiFit capsules - and then there’s everything else. Simply put, no other formulation can hold contend with the potency and effectiveness of this formulation, but what really makes it different?


For starters, LeptiCore is not just a one ingredient formula, it’s a synergistic blend of 5 different premium ingredients all targeted at one goal: increasing your body’s levels of leptin, to increase your feeling of fullness after eating to help meet your fitness and weight loss goals! The ingredients – plant based polysaccharides, esterified fatty acids, pomegranate extract, beta carotene, and blue green algae – are all derived from only high quality sources, and presented in a formulation that’s proven to reap results!


This amazing formulation has been tested in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials to measure its effectiveness in positively impacting levels of leptin, serotonin and c-reactive proteins, and achieving goals related to blood lipids, blood sugar balance, and fitness and weight loss goals.


Simply put, there is no other leptin formulation on the market as highly regarded as the ingredients we use in our LeptiFit formulation, and with our consistently low prices at Whole Health, you know you’ll be getting the product at a great value! Find out if LeptiFit can make a difference for you today!

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