Can’t Fall Asleep? Melatonin May be the Key!

It’s getting late, and it’s been a long day. You’ve finally had a chance to sit down and rest your body, maybe by reading a book or watching some television. Then, your body releases a long yawn which very suddenly changes that feeling of body fatigue into a feeling of sleepiness. Was it the yawn that brought on that sleepiness, or something else?

The answer may in fact be Melatonin, a hormone that’s directly connected with your body’s sleep cycles. Melatonin is produced by a small, and actually quite mysterious element of your endocrine system (the body system that creates and disperses hormones) called the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is located directly in the center of the brain, about an inch back from the center of the forehead. Although there’s a lot of scientific debate surrounding the other functions that this gland may have, one thing we know for certain about the Pineal Gland is that it releases Melatonin into the body, and that Melatonin is a hormone that gives our body that almost inescapable need to lie down and go to sleep.

Because Melatonin is naturally used to put the body to sleep, it’s often stated that Melatonin is most effective for people who have difficulty falling asleep, but some also report that the supplement provides relief from waking during the night as well.

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