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NOW® Arginine & Citrulline 500/250mg (120 Capsules)

NOW® Arginine & Citrulline 500/250mg (120 Capsules)
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NOW® Arginine & Citrulline 500/250mg (120 Capsules)

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NOW® Arginine & Citrulline combines two important amino acids to support protein metabolism and help maintain muscle tissue.

What is NOW® Arginine & Citrulline?

NOW® Arginine & Citrulline includes:

  • Citrulline - aids in the detoxification of ammonia. Citrulline is also involved in immune system function and energy production as will as maintaining Arginine levels. Arginine is an amino acid that is important for healthy immune system function and liver detoxification.
  • Arginine - a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), a molecule that acts as a vasodilator, or a material that expands blood vessels. NO is an important component of the endothelium, which is the layer of cells that lines the interior of blood vessels. It’s heavily involved in muscle metabolism through its role in the maintenance of proper nitrogen and is found in the skin and connective tissues, where it aids healing and repair.
  • Goal of NOW® Arginine & Citrulline – Energy & Recovery

    Arginine and Citrulline are two amino acids that are integral to protein metabolism and utilization, as well as to the maintenance of muscle tissue. Scientific studies have shown that supplementing Citruilline along with Arginine helps maintain nitrogen balance better than supplementation with Arginine alone, an important aspect of exercise effectiveness and recovery.

    Why NOW® Arginine & Citrulline is Important

    Both amino acids are key intermediates in the urea cycle, where they participate in the detoxification of ammonia via the production of urea. Arginine that has not been converted to urea enters general circulation where it is distributed to various tissues and metabolized for other uses such as protein synthesis.
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    Health Notes

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    Also indexed as:Arginine Intravenous, L-Arginine Aspartate, L-Arginina, L-arginine
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    The amino acid arginine has several roles in the body, such as assisting in wound healing, helping remove excess ammonia from the body, stimulating immune function, and promoting secretion of several hormones, including glucagon, insulin, and growth hormone.

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    This supplement has been used in connection with the following health conditions:

    Used for AmountWhy
    2 to 3 grams three times per day2 stars[2 stars]
    In one study, taking arginine improved the ability of angina sufferers to exercise. Detailed studies have proven that arginine works by stimulating blood vessel dilation.
    Congestive Heart Failure
    5.6 to 15 grams per day with a doctor's supervision 2 stars[2 stars]
    The body needs arginine to make nitric oxide, which increases blood flow. This process is impaired in people with CHF. It also has been shown to improve kidney function in people with CHF.
    Erectile Dysfunction
    1,670 to 2,800 mg daily2 stars[2 stars]
    Blood vessels need arginine to dilate and form an erection. Supplementing with arginine has been shown to help men with erectile dysfunction in some studies.
    HIV and AIDS Support and Preservation of Lean Body Mass

    (Glutamine, HMB)
    1.5 grams of HMB, 7 grams of L-glutamine, and 7 grams of L-arginine twice per day2 stars[2 stars]
    The combination of glutamine, arginine, and HMB may prevent loss of lean body mass in people with AIDS-associated wasting.
    Male Infertility
    4 grams daily2 stars[2 stars]
    The amino acid arginine is needed to produce sperm. Research shows that several months of L-arginine supplementation increases sperm count, quality, and fertility.
    Pre- and Post-Surgery Health
    12.5 to 18.75 grams daily before and after surgery2 stars[2 stars]
    The amino acid arginine has a role in immune function, infection prevention, and tissue repair after injury, including surgery.
    Refer to label instructions 2 stars[2 stars]
    In one study in which pregnant women at an increased risk of developing preeclampsia received either arginine or a placebo, the arginine group had a significantly lower incidence of preeclampsia compared with the placebo group.
    Sickle Cell Anemia and Pulmonary Hypertension
    100 mg per 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of body weight, three times per day2 stars[2 stars]
    People with pulmonary hypertension (a life-threatening complication of sickle cell anemia) who received L-arginine had significant improvement in one study.
    Athletic Performance and Body Composition and Strength
    Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
    At very high intakes, the amino acid arginine has increased growth hormone levels, which stimulate muscle growth. Trials combining weight training with arginine and ornithine showed decreases in body fat and increases in total strength and lean body mass.
    Female Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization
    Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
    Supplementing with L-arginine has been shown to improve fertility in women with a history of failed attempts at in vitro fertilization.
    Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
    The amino acid arginine may both protect the stomach and increase its blood flow.
    Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
    The amino acid arginine is needed by the body to make nitric oxide, a substance that allows blood vessels to dilate, thus reducing blood pressure. Arginine given orally and intravenously has been reported to help reduce blood pressure.
    Wound Healing
    Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
    Arginine appears to improve wound healing by increasing protein synthesis.

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