A Secret Weapon for Cold Season?


You’ve already learned how Oleuropein gives Olive Leaf Extract such incredible antioxidant power to support cardiovascular health and longevity, but it’s also known around the world as one of the best herbal sources for boosting the immune system. So what’s the secret to its success, and how are the people who take it benefitting during the most immune-challenging months of the year?


Well, the secret really lies in the robust quantities of medicinal compounds contained in the leaves of the Olive plant – it turns out Oleuropein is only one of many amazing beneficial elements that can help us from this plant! Among the plant’s other antioxidant components are tocopherols, flavonoids, sterols, anthocyanins, and polyphenols. All of these compounds produce amazing benefits for the body, but perhaps none other are as amazing as the polyphenols.


Polyphenols are found throughout the natural world in many plants, but are especially dense in the leaves of Olive plants. They have observed potent anti-microbial behavior, which can benefit your immune system when battling the invading elements from our ever more toxic world!


If you’re someone who gets sick often, or just wants an added boost in the battle to keep your body healthy and happy, try Whole Health’s Olive Leaf Extract on your next order – your heart and your immune system will thank you for it!

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