Not All Fish Oils are Created Equal!


When you’re talking about Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid formulas, in particular supplemental Fish Oils, there can be a HUGE difference in quality, cleanliness, and potency from one product to the next.  Learning how to properly read labels in the world of fish oil can go a long way towards making sure you get your body the supplemental support it needs!


The first thing you want to look for is purity – the oceans are not as clean as anyone would want them to be, so you’ll want to make sure your product is Molecularly Distilled (ours is!) to ensure the product has only the high quality fats you want, without any residues or toxins that you don’t.  Whole Health’s Extra Strength Fish Oil has always been molecularly distilled to ensure the purity of our product, so you can feel confident that your body is receiving just what it needs and nothing it doesn’t!


After that, you want to look for a product with a high ratio of Omega 3 EFA’s to the total quantity of oil.  Ideally, you want your oil to be at least 50% Omega 3’s, but if you look at some of the products sold through major distributors, their oil will only be 30% Omega 3’s or lower!  Unfortunately, in the fish oil industry high manufacturing standards are not always the norm – but then that’s one of the reasons we knew our Extra Strength Fish Oil formula would be so well loved by our customers. With molecular distillation and a full 54% concentration of Omega 3’s in an easy to afford capsule, this is one fish oil product you can really trust!