Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil Quick Facts:


Comes from the seeds of the Rose Hip fruit, a wild plant that grows in Chile. Extremely high in essential fatty acids (over 70% of the rose hip seed is fatty acid). Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, Vitamin A (retinol), and linoleic and linolenic acids—all superstars for skin and hair health. Was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans for its healing properties.

Health & Skincare Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil:



Rosehip Essential Oil for Skin and Hair:

Do you want to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and "crows-feet" marks? Applied twice a day, rose hip oil can help your skin return to a more youthful appearance. Expect to see results in about three months. Rosehip plant oil can be also used in body creams, lotions and massage oils. Why does it work so well? Rose hip is particularly high in vitamin C, containing about 1700–2000 milligrams per 100 grams of oil, and the product contains natural tretinoin (the acidic form of vitamin A). Tretinoin is the active ingredient in many dermatologist-prescribed wrinkle reducers. The two vitamins work to halt and reverse typical signs of aging such as wrinkles, crow's feet and sagging skin by accelerating the skin's cellular activity, in turn hastening skin renewal and cell regeneration. The face becomes firmer and smoother as signs of aging diminish. Other applications of rosehip essential oil include improving the appearance of scars, including those from acne or radiation therapy. Rose hip oil also helps fade age spots and reduces uneven pigmentation. One more beauty-related use of rose hip oil is for hair care. It adds shine and body to colored hair, permed hair, or hair that has been damaged by too much sun or cold weather. The great thing about rose hip oil is that a very little of it goes a long way - a bottle lasts for ages.