Handle With Care!


Learn why you should NEVER buy SAMe that comes in a bottle 

Why is it that some SAMe comes packaged in a bottle, while others come in a box?

SAMe is one of the most versatile compounds in the world of supplements, but it is also one of the most fragile.  Even though they are somewhat protected by their capsules, exposure to air and unnecessary jarring that occurs to products loosely packaged in bottles can damage the delicate chemical structure of SAMe, rendering the supplement less effective.  

To combat this, the highest quality SAMe products will always come in a box, with each capsule individually blister packed to make sure it receives minimal exposure to the elements prior to being taken.  At Whole Health, all of our SAMe products are produced in a dry environment, and cold-glue blister-packed to prevent oxidation, because we don’t want you to have a standard SAMe capsule, we want you to have the highest quality supplement money can buy!  Trust in our process, it’s why we stand so confidently behind our products!

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