Is White Kidney Bean Extract Right for You?

Though it had been a popular product for years, White Kidney Bean Extract – the primary ingredient in Whole Health’s Stage 2 Starch Blocker – became a certified weight loss craze when Dr. Oz first touted its benefits in 2011, on an episode exploring metabolism boosters. But with all the hype surrounding White Kidney Bean Extract, is it the right choice for you in pursuit of your weight loss goals? Only you can ultimately decide that, but more information always helps:


Your body has all sorts of enzymes which it uses to break down the different types of foods that you eat (some for proteins, some for sugars, some for fats, and so on). One of these is called alpha-amylase, which breaks down large chain carbohydrates (like the types you’d find in pasta or bread) into more readily usable sugars that your body can more easily use for energy. White Kidney Bean Extract blocks the release of this enzyme, which in turn inhibits the body’s ability to break down large carbohydrates into smaller sugars, and thereby is thought to prevent the digestion of these sugars. Digestion of sugars of course is something that in many people leads to the creation of additional body fat.


So will White Kidney Bean Extract work for you in achieving your weight loss goals? Well, it’s not a miracle pill (science has yet to discover one of those!) but many people have found it to be of help as part of your greater fitness efforts, including eating well and exercising. White Kidney Bean may also be especially of benefit if you’re someone who craves a lot of pasta, bread, and other heavy, slow-burning carbohydrates, as these are the foods that White Kidney Bean has the greatest immediate effect on. But if White Kidney Bean is something you feel is worth trying, you will not find a higher quality product than our Phase 2 Starch Blocker, backed by the customer service you’d expect from Whole Health!

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