Is Your Multivitamin a Premium Formulation?


There are so many ingredients in multivitamins, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out whether or not the entire product is worth the money you’re paying for it. That said, there are three key ingredients that you can check on your own Multivitamin to tell if it’s of good quality:


Vitamin C – Calcium Ascorbate: Almost all Vitamin C used in multivitamins comes from a substance called Ascorbic Acid, which is the cheapest Vitamin C on the market and is typically derived from corn (meaning that a lot of it is Genetically Modified, GMO). In our Super Multi Plus, we exclusively use Calcium Ascorbate, a superior form of Vitamin C that is easier on the stomach and is definitely not from a genetically modified source!


Vitamin E – D Alpha Tocopherol: Vitamin E is one of the most expensive vitamins that there is, so supplement companies will often cut corners and use DL-alpha tocopherol in their products. That little “L” in the title makes a big difference, because it means that it’s synthetic Vitamin E, which is contended by many to be toxic – that’s definitely something you don’t want to be taking in your body! At Whole Health, we exclusively use premium D-alpha tocopherol in our multivitamins, while still keeping our sale price low. That’s a big win/win for our customers!


Calcium – Dicalcium Phosphate: Almost all multivitamins source their Calcium from Calcium Carbonate, which is the cheapest form of Calcium, and is essentially made out of limestone. We use only Dicalcium Phosphate, in conjunction with the Calcium Ascorbate that also supplies our Vitamin C, both of which are more expensive ingredients, but we have passion for the products that we make, so we take pride in maintaining their premium quality!


For these three reasons and many more, our Super Multi Plus is a superior choice for your multivitamin, and at the price you will only find at Whole Health, it’s a superior value as well!

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