What is an Antioxidant?


Antioxidant 101 


There’s a lot of talk these days about antioxidants and all of their potential healing and youth-restoring properties, but what is an antioxidant, and what can they really do?


Antioxidants are compounds that naturally occur within plants which could have a wide range of benefits when taken supplementally. When present in nature, antioxidants protect plants from stress and damage due to hostile weather, invading insects, and other troubles of the natural world.  When taken by people they have much the same effect, except they protect us from stress and damage due to our fast-paced modern lifestyle, where we may not always have enough time to rest and let our bodies restore to a state of balance and well-being.


When taken internally, antioxidants release electrons to neutralize harmful substances called free radicals within the body.  Those free radicals break down your body’s healthy, natural cellular structure through a process called oxidative stress – left unchecked, oxidative stress can contribute to pain, imbalance, and serious degenerative diseases in any area of the body.


Whole Health’s Trans-Resveratrol adds an additional boost of antioxidant support to combat the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, giving your body a better chance to defend itself from the damage caused by our stressful modern lives.  While there are other antioxidant formulas on the market, not many of them live up to the quality and potency standards of our carefully cultivated resveratrol extract.  You can have faith in the quality of our products because we stand behind them, 100%!

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