Ubiquinol Vs. CoQ10 – There IS a Difference!


The world of supplements can be very confusing, but that’s especially the case with CoQ10.  Some products say CoQ10 on the label, while others call themselves Ubiquinol.  What’s the difference between the two, and is one any better than the other?


These are both excellent questions.  CoQ10 has two different forms, one being the active form (which is called Ubiquinol) and the other being the much more common inactive form (called Ubiquinone).  Both Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone are technically CoQ10, but they do not work the same!  Read on to learn more.


If you’re taking a “normal” CoQ10 product (which would be any product that simply says “CoQ10” on the label) you are taking the Ubiquinone form of CoQ10.  Every time you take that supplement, your body has to take the Ubiquinone that the product is supplying and do a conversion on it to turn it into the ubiquinol form, which is the form that your body can actually use for antioxidant support and cellular energy. The Ubiquinone itself that the supplement is providing only has very limited usefulness for your body until that conversion is made – the only problem is that there’s no way to know how good a converter of CoQ10 you are, and because of this there’s no way to know how much benefit you’ll really be getting from a standard CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) product!


This may sound a little troubling, especially if you have been using CoQ10 for a long tie without getting the benefits you have wanted, but fortunately high-quality Ubiquinol products like the Ubiquinol QH 100 that we sell at Whole Health get rid of all that guess work.  When you take our Ubiquinol supplement, your body doesn’t have to do any conversions on the product to make it available to your cells, it simply enters your body ready to go to work!  This is why Ubiquinol has such substantial antioxidant abilities, and why some people find benefit from Ubiquinol QH that they never found with standard CoQ10 supplements!