Vitamin D-3? What Happened to Plain Vitamin D?

Learn how this new supplement is optimizing health around the world!


There’s been an incredible amount of media coverage of the benefits of Vitamin D-3 (known also as Cholecalciferol) recently, which has a lot of people wondering what Vitamin D-3 is and how it’s different from normal Vitamin D, like what you find in milk. Read on to learn about the different forms of D, and why Vitamin D-3 has become such a sensation!


When our bare skin is exposed to sunlight, our bodies create Vitamin D-3 – which is the active form of Vitamin D - beneath the skin, which is then used for an incredible amount of purposes within the body, including strengthening bone, improving mood, and optimizing the immune system. This same active form of Vitamin D-3 can also be found in small quantities within animal-sourced foods such as milk and eggs, although enhanced Vitamin D milk from the store that milk has almost always been fortified with supplemental Vitamin D to elevate the total amount of Vitamin D per serving. Many milk producers use Vitamin D-3 to fortify their products, but some use Vitamin D-2 (Ergocalciferol) which is generally recognized as not being as well absorbed or effective as a supplement as Vitamin D-3.


Ideally, the best way to get Vitamin D-3 is by getting it from getting regular light exposure to the sun, but this can be a difficult goal to achieve because our busy modern lives don’t often allow for a lot of time outdoors, and also too much exposure to the sun can be very damaging to your health. This is why so many people now advocate for taking supplemental Vitamin D-3, the same form your body makes from sun exposure, to optimize your body’s health. Because it’s seen as being such a superior form of Vitamin D, Whole Health only uses Vitamin D-3 for our Vitamin D 2000IU product – it’s a superior raw ingredient, which leads to a superior product and superior results. Try it today and feel the difference it can make in your health and well-being!